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We are immersed in incessant sound, surrounded by light, colours, objects of different factures, mass, forms, consistence and temperatures. 

As sensual beings, we are sensitive to both, external and internal stimuli. We constantly analyse the changes that appear inside us and in our environment. It happens even if the analysis is extra-sensual and we do not realize it. 

The same happens with art which, it is an incessant transformation process. It is a reaction to external , or sometimes also internal, impulses. I treat it as my mind's laboratory , as a place where i study various phenomena and dependencies between the elements of the world. 

I try to describe certain phenomena or feelings because existing in an non-described world is like living without identity, establishment or a point of reference that makes us feel good. 

I construct my works mainly on the basis of visual and acoustic experiences, thus the subject matter and forms of my work concern mainly the visual world and the sonospher.

That is , what everyone can see and hear, but this happens after processing it by my internal hearer and viewer, and thus it is the quintessence of feeling.

I reach for various techniques and forms. From sculpture, objects, drawings, through performance, to audiovisual activities and creating sound.

Using multiplicity of ways of expression , I esthetically trust in smplicity, sometimes even asceticism. I try to create essences, quintessences of phenomena. I prefer this kind of esthetics as I believe it to be a more indirect form of communication.

Our globalised world is characterized by multiplicity, rapidity, mobility of everything, a certain fluidity, as Zygmunt Bauman would call it. In the multiplicity of experiences, either visual or acustic, we try to line out the limits of our cosciousness, and this is not an easy task.

The number of impulses that reach us surpasses our capabilities to receive them. We are overloaded with impulses which often leads to a faulty functioning of our balance and, as consequence, to unclear perception.

As in many of my works, I focuses on Nature as the source of all cultures, on the process of its transformation and how much we are aware of the changes taking place in it.

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